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$$ We only get paid after you get paid $$


Call us toll free 1-877-231-3631 or email us at

Q: How do I know if my company is a candidate for fuel tax recovery?
A: If you operate any form of non-highway equipment that burns gasoline or diesel fuel and have not filed for a refund for state or federal fuel taxes you are an ideal candidate for our services.

Q: How much money can I expect to recover?
A: Your refund will be based on several factors including; total fuel consumption, equipment domicile(s), amount of time equipment has been in use, etc.Use our Fuel Tax Estimator to learn what fuel tax refunds you may be eligible for.

Q: What is meant by “contingency fee basis?
A: There is no cost or obligation if we do not deliver fuel tax savings – Our fees are based on successful recovery of federal and/or state fuel tax dollars.

Q: Is there an up-front cost to your services?
A: No. Our fee is a percentage of the fuel tax refund we recover for you. You do not pay us anything until you are paid.

Q: What information will Transpectrum need in order to file for federal and state fuel tax refunds?
A: We will need a list of non-highway equipment ,in-service dates, reefer hours, fuel invoices, form number used for annual federal tax filings, month of the year your tax year ends and federal I.D. number.

Q: How far back does the government allow me to go back for fuel tax recovery?
A: The first federal filing can go back three years from date of filing. The state filing can range between three months to three years – based on which state the filing is for.

Q: How do we begin the fuel tax recovery process with Transpectrum ?
A: The process is simple – just call us toll free at 1-877-231-3631 or email us at One of our trained service representatives will walk you through our no-nonsense, easy to follow process. Or simply complete the Request for Information page on this website.

Q: Can Transpectrum still help me if my company has filed for fuel taxes in the past?
A: Absolutely, our fuel tax recovery experts have worked with several clients to help them recover additional fuel tax dollars. With the complexity of the laws and the variability between states, many companies do not maximize their fuel tax refunds.

Q: What are “off road” vehicles or equipment?
A: “Off road” means any vehicle or equipment that does not roll on the highway or roads. Examples are refrigeration units, forklifts, pumps, generators, mowers, front-end loaders. We will help you identify all qualifying off-road vehicles and equipment. Call us toll-free at 1-877-231-3631 to learn how.

Q: What is a reefer truck or a reefer trailer?
A: These terms refer to refrigerated trucks or units loaded on highway vehicles. Refrigerated trucks can present the opportunity for significant fuel tax recovery.

Q: Our fleet runs on highways—does this mean we are not eligible for fuel tax recovery?
A: Not necessarily. If your equipment has a separate engine that is mounted on a highway vehicle, you may be able to claim fuel tax recovery. Regulations vary among tax jurisdictions, but cement mixers, refrigeration units and garbage trucks are examples of equipment that may qualify. Call us toll free at 1-877-231-3631 to speak with one of our fuel tax recovery experts about your fuel tax recovery opportunity.

Q: What if we do not have complete or well-organized fuel receipts or records?
A: We know how to collect the data needed to maximize your fuel tax recovery. For example, by analyzing mileage logs and other information, we are able to gather reliable fuel data.

Q: Is this worth the effort?
A: We do the work, and you receive your tax refunds. Our clients consistently recover more money than they expected. It’s a good surprise to realize you can regularly recover more refunds with less effort.