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We Manage the Process for Your Maximum Fuel Tax Recovery


$$ We only get paid after you get paid $$

Fuel tax regulations, fuel tax reporting, and fuel tax refund processes are complex, and requirements vary depending on tax jurisdictions. To efficiently and effectively manage the fuel tax recovery process, you need technical expertise and working relationships with state agencies throughout the country. These are the strengths of Transpectrum Services.

Maximum fuel tax recovery, minimum burden to you
Our mission is to provide unequalled service to our customers by following a proven process for identifying and recovering the greatest possible fuel tax savings.

Because our fuel tax recovery service is provided on a contingency basis, you never pay for our services unless we deliver savings to you. We trust our ability to identify missed fuel tax refund opportunities and to save you from time-consuming efforts.

Meet to discuss fleet and fuel expenditures. Confirm needs. We provide an easy, no-risk way for you to recover tax refunds.

Assess Opportunity
Profile operational scope, including equipment lists, and fuel spend. Determine opportunity for qualified fuel tax recovery. Are you overlooking equipment that qualifies for tax refunds? We identify your qualifying vehicles and how much money you can recover.

Data Collection
Identify fuel purchase data sources and formats. Assign resources to collect data and organize fuel receipts. Whether you get fuel from filling stations, fuel drops or tanks at your own locations, we make it easy to calculate and gather the fuel data that increases your refunds.

Process Claims
Compile, organize, validate (in field as necessary) and submit claims to tax authorities to be processed for fuel tax recovery. Knowing who, what, where and when to file claims is essential to receiving full and timely refunds. We just need to know your fiscal year, tax ID, and the kind of tax form you typically file.

Collect Tax Refunds
State and federal refund checks are sent directly to your office. We monitor progress and interact with taxing authorities to avoid delays.
It’s your money—Let Transpectrum make sure you get the tax refunds you deserve.